3 reasons you may fail on Facebook ads in 2018

We‘ve talked to hundreds of business owners and marketers for the past few weeks.

There are some facts that rare marketers & business owners noticed which may fail your Facebook ads in 2018.

 facebook user growth - potential ad audience

1, The good old days are gone


Between 2010-2017, the users of Facebook increased almost 4X but Ad budget spent on Facebook ad increased almost 20X.


Which means all ad buyers on facebook now are facing a  harder competition for spending more ad budget for less audience.


More competition request better ad creative or products. The good old days of investing some ad budget to drive massive sales are long gone.


2, We spend too much time finding good products and ad creative.


We learn from marketing guru about a very long sequence of doing research job, like tracking best seller on other platforms and spy on competitor's ads. 


The point is the products sell well on other platforms may fail on Facebook ads and it's a total waste of money.


The manual ad spy works, but the efficiency is extremely low. Trust me, you can never count on it to scale up your business fast.


3, After all this, you'll still need to wait for a long time to prove that if a product or ad is work for you.


We see there are more and more marketers and business owners tend to choose a third-party Facebook ads tracking tool.


What is a Facebook Ads Tracking Tool?


It's a service that helps you to track your competitor's Facebook ads automatically. So you can save lots of valuable time doing manual ad spy. By enter relevant keywords, you can easily check for the latest ads posted by your competitors from all over the world. Twice or even 10X your efficiency in finding profitable products may sell well by Facebook ads.


What's the benefit of Facebook Ads Tracking Tool?


* Ad inspiration


* Competitor Intelligence


* Niche- Market Research


* Competition Research


* Ad optimization


* Products Hunting


How to use a Facebook Ads Tracking Tools?


There're many ways to get use of this tool. I like to enter the keyword of products to search for the great ads by time or engagement number.


You can also try a page name or a website main domain, etc. Click the drop button and there're many powerful filters so you can use them to locate ads meet your needs.